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hi, so a few things. i'm back for one.

i posted on here a few months ago saying that i was moving to another account. and that did happen. i thought that was what i needed, a fresh place to keep all my writing without the pressure of being what it once was. it worked, to a certain extent. i've started writing again (furiously, really) but posting them on savingseas never felt quite right. the very first piece of writing i ever did outside of school was written and posted on this account and so it feels really strange to write something and not have it connected to this account. i grew up on this account and it's only occurred to me recently that i'm still growing. so, i decided to come back.

i'm not expecting any of the feedback i once received on my writing and i understand that a lot of the people who watched this account are no longer active, but this is home. so, welcome (back?) c:

personal update: i am now eighteen, going on nineteen. since my last update, i have graduated from high school, completed my first year of university, made one of the most amazing friends (through dA, naturally) and started plans on a novel (!). anyone that has read this far, give me an update on your life, yes?

xoxo :heart:


kelsey - n. quel - sea
i'm still lost out at sea

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congrats on the DD!
I like the way you string words together.
Amux Feb 2, 2012   General Artist
I miss you and your words. Hope you are alright dearest :nod:
I am in the same feeling-state as you describe. I am still looking for a real solution. Good luck. I too only write when I am sad. Though I am trying to break that, I have not had much luck with it yet. :)
losingmyfaith Aug 11, 2011  Student Writer
Happy Birthday!! :heart:
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